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Your hospital uses CardioScan to manage its Ambulatory Blood Pressure service and to analyse your data.

A CardioScan staff member, located in England or Australia, will log into a secure online platform and process your data within 24 hours from the time your test is uploaded.  Your data never leaves the UK.

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How to fit Mobil-O-Graph


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During cuff inflation

  • Sit or stand still
  • Keep your arm relaxed at your side

If you hear a beep, your test was unsuccessful.

  • Check there are no kinks in the tube
  • Wait 1-minute and the device will try testing again

Mobil-O-Graph FAQs

Mobil-O-Graph is designed to capture a true reading of your blood pressure while you continue with most of your regular activities for a 24hr testing period. Moderate level activity is fine, but you will NOT be able to engage in high intensity or high movement activities.

During inflation, remember to sit or stand still to ensure the blood pressure reading can be taken successfully.

No. You will need to keep the device dry and avoid showering, bathing or wetting Mobil-O-Graph in any way for the full 24hr test period. Also, please DO NOT remove Mobil-O-Graph at any time during your blood pressure test.

Yes you do. Mobil-O-Graph will continue to inflate every hour during the night. It has a responsive cuff to ensure it doesn’t create any discomfort and a quiet inflation action to help make sleep as comfortable as possible.

If your sleep is somewhat disturbed, please DO NOT remove the device. Instead, continue wearing Mobil-O-Graph for the full testing period set by your physician. This will allow a complete study of your blood pressure and ensure an accurate diagnosis.

If Mobil-O-Graph attempts to take a blood pressure reading but the test is unsuccessful, the device will beep to alert you, and then it will attempt to test again in 1-minute.

Please check there are no kinks, twists or pressure  against the tube, and then sit or stand still when the cuff begins to inflate once more. Too much movement during inflation can cause an unsuccessful reading.

If you continue to hear beeps or get an error message on the device, please contact us immediately:

Phone: +44 1992 351 023

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How to fit Mobil-O-Graph

Fact sheet

Hypertension fact sheet